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04/01/2002 - Computronix Featured in Forbes Magazine

Reprinted from Forbes Magazine 04/01/2002

Apr 1, 2002

You might say that Sony Electronics got the idea for its unique data backup and business continuity solutions straight from MARS - that is, a design formula for making products Manageable, Affordable, Reliable and Scalable. The company's StorStation brand of products encompasses a range of storage solutions based on this simple, four-part premise and is targeted specifically to fill a growing demand not addressed by current market products.

"There is a range of solutions that people use to tackle the data protection and storage facet of business continuity planning,” explains Steve Baker, vice president of marketing for the storage solutions division of Sony Electronics’ Core Technology Solutions Company based in San Jose, Calif. “There are the high-end solutions, managed at the enterprise level, which involve ensuring the protection and expedient recovery of corporate data. Then there is the low end of the spectrum, where embedded or direct-attached storage devices back up critical data should a server go down. At Sony we believe that there is an underserved group of customers who make up the gap between these two scenarios – namely, those requiring departmental or site-specific back-up solutions for localized business critical data”.

Corporations have traditionally solved this department-level data protection problem by force-fitting a scaled-down version of an expensive, high-end solution, and so still require the involvement of IT personnel, not only to install the solution, but also to provide ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.

“What differentiates the StorStation solution from other products is its ability to bring high-end capabilities from the data center level to the departmental environment,” says Alan Sund, director of marketing for Sony’s storage solutions division. "The user-friendly interface allows customers to enjoy these benefits without relying on a team of IT specialists."

Barry Moniês, chief executive officer of Computronix Security Systems, Inc., headquartered in Stamford, Conn., believes in Sony's vision. "By integrating the Sony StorStation solution into our unique managed security services, Computronix is able to provide cost-effective, enterprise-level business continuity solutions to small to medium-sized organizations,”states Moniês.

Flexibility is another feature that makes StorStation an attractive solution. The package provides remote, plug-and-play management across a network, supporting almost any OS environment. The product's certified compatibility with various software partners in the industry makes it a complete turnkey solution for busy corporate departments, smaller companies and multisite businesses.

“By using the Sony NAS file server and AIT library combination plus the certified software, you can successfully back up and share data across the heterogeneous network on which you are working,” explains DougStringer, business development manager for Sony's storage solutions division. "You are able to operate from the NAS to any of the other servers or clients, regardless of what OS they are running. The solution allows disk-to-disk redundancy, with archiving and off-site capabilities. It's a backup solution that one individual can manage, making it especially suited for the department level."

Automation ensures that little interaction is necessary in implementing and maintaining the StorStation solution, and the package also offers a scalable design, making it a perfect fit for space-constrained corporations with increasing data capacity requirements.

StorStation is one Sony-branded solution that brings with it the worldwide support and expertise of a 50-year veteran in the electronics industry with the proven capability to not only provide the hardware, mechanics and software, but also the ongoing service to back it up.

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